duminică, august 06, 2017

Bed time thoughts 6817

Dear Diary,

Tomorrow is Monday and I would like to have a better excuse for going to bed early, than not wanting to feel like a tomato left in the Sun when I wake up.
All day I was busy thinking about the past and planning the future, and it feels like the present is doesn't exist anymore. Is it because I'm growing old or because the time just has no more patience with us?

Sometimes what kills us is not the present, but the image in our heads of what could've been if... Is hard and takes self discipline to go over your crazy thoughts, but you can manage it in baby steps, one by one. Most of us don't even know what we are doing, but we try to give our best to enjoy life and have as many wonderful days as we can!

miercuri, august 02, 2017

Coffee with God

I want to go out for a coffee with God.
I want to sit and listen to His side of the story, as everyone here accuses Him of being absent or they deny His existence.
I want to thank Him for all He's done and will do for me and loved ones.
I want to chat with Him about all known issues and how to prevent the unknown ones.
I want a hug from Him and advices for a better life.
I want to continue meeting with Him in person from time to time.
It would be great!

joi, iulie 06, 2017

About weddings

Getting through the week is sometimes challenging. My Spanish teacher used to say that if Monday is gone, the whole week is gone.
I love Mondays and Friday evening feels like a mini-holiday.

There are few more weeks until my sister is getting married in Church and I can't wait for that day to finish with smiles and blessings from Above.

Not long ago I didn't believe in the institution of marriage, but once I read the laws and what God gives to and expects from the couple, I realized that is a celebration and official statement of what should already be there: love.
I'm not keen of big weddings, that are very expensive, because I seen no point in waisting £50-150k for just one day, when you could use that money to buy a mortgage.

My kind of wedding is on a Friday afternoon, just few hours before the sunset, in the mountains next to a lake, where the couple shares stories about their love and plans of the future, what they're hopeing to achieve together and how everyone present will have the responsibility to help them achieve their goals.

Wedding shouldn't be a statement of wealth, but more of an expression of love and identity of the couple. If your wedding is kitsch, is because you are so.

There is no point in having 300 guests that you don't know, but 20 that mean the world to you.

Couples should always seek to have both religious and legal communion.

miercuri, iulie 05, 2017

Tube Thoughts 5 717 am

When you're a child, is hard to imagine that your parents had their separate ways before you were born. The world started when you took your first breath of air, and angels commissioned by your parents, gathered to welcome you singing their songs of praise and happiness. Soon the magic started to fade, as you gained knowledge and you became the person you are today.

Even though knowledge is not something that you can grasp, is far more valuable than money. Your looks will fade and your body will fail, but knowledge remains and can be gained and shared infinitely.

What would you choose between 50 million Euros or all available knowledge?

vineri, iunie 30, 2017

Tube Thoughts 30 617 am

If someone was to kick you in the face, how would you react? What if they hit one of your loved ones?

Why we give so much credit to violence? The will and need to upgrade oneself is not part of the ego that wants to own the whole world as playground.

I believe that the biggest salesperson is Satan, because his temptations create a need and he's offering the supply.

I believe that love is an act of will, a process that has daily updates and is based on your experience, patience and need to be involved. If partners don't respect and support eachother there is no reason for them to continue.

joi, iunie 29, 2017

Tube Thoughts 28-29 617

TheEverday is an opportunity to do more and as long as you're breathing, you still have a chance to change your life for the better.

Some people say this blog depresses them, others love it and quite a few find it interesting. Spend some time here and decide for yourself.

I started writing in English because of my international friends, whom I love and respect very much. Wish I could have a cup of coffee with you all today!

I believe in science and God, because one explains what the other can't do it in words. They complete each other.

I've said it and I'll say it again: having the right kind of people next to you is a blessing.

Admitting your faults can sometimes work against you, but it takes courage to do so. One of my weaknesses is getting up early in the morning. I'm not a morning person, so I need 3 alarms to wake up.

There was a time in my life when I used to be late to every appointment or date that I've had, but being annoyed by the other people being late. Now I've changed and I like to be on time and I really appreciate when I don't have to chase the other person 50 times by text/call to confirm a date/appointment.

I have people that I look up to. I have people that I admire. I have people that I don't like, but I don't hate them. I don't have idols and I'm not into sports, music or grouping. I don't have preferred things or colours that I can't live without; I just like stuff that is good, well made, great priced and makes me feel better.

I believe that a great partner completes  you and doesn't want to change you because feels that you're enough. A good partner will want to build a strong team of two so you can rule the world together. Of course looks are important! Of course money are important, but not in the way people think that money bring you the happiness and way of life that will compensate for feeling unwanted or unloved.

miercuri, iunie 07, 2017

Know your God

Most people who dream about Heaven and a New Earth have no ideea what it mean. They want to escape this grey world to a heaven where gold is everywhere and life is peaceful and bliss. Most of their reasons are selfish, and they think that one can get there by doing good deeds, or by not eating meat or by going to bed at 9 pm or by bombing 50 infidels.

What if you get there, but God is missing?
What if you don't even care who's there, as long as you're there and you have no more wars, hunger or pain?
A heaven without God doesn't sound like heaven at all. More like Bali, Swisserland or any other perfect place where money bring you everything you could possibly want. Heaven is where God is. It can be anywhere, as long as He's there with you.

You have to be responsible and disciplined with yourself in order to be able to help others, and since this an ongoing process, it's always the right time to be kind and care for those around you.
Start with what you have and you can build on it. Do everything you can now, and as long as you're breathing you have a chance of knowing more and more about God.

The only way to go to heaven is by having a person connection with Him. And that is grace. Prayer is a talk, a chat between you and your heavenly father. You don't need to spend hundreds of hours on your knees, because He is everywhere and loads of conversations can happen between you two throughout the day. Even now.
Let's pray!

Wait for it (617LDN)

"The Wait" is strongly conected with the will and obedience. Is your choice to wait when someone tells you to do so, and your mind in less than a second evaluates if you should listen or follow your own will, because when you're waiting you're following someone else's will and schedule.

As a teenager I wanted to believe the girl telling me that we need to wait for the right time to be together, but I always knew that it was only a polite "NO".
When I grew up a bit, I discovered that recruitment agencies and companies use the same tactics​ when they don't​ want you to work there.

There are cases when waiting doesn't necessarily mean a NO. For example, your driving license: it's not instant, you have to learn and work hard to get it. When you're a kid and want to grow up, it doesn't happen over night. Oh! and what a tragedy it is when you grow up to quick!

Sometimes things happen even though​  you didn't wait for them, like getting old or your exams... or the seasons... or just the sunset.

I believe in constant-proactive-wait, where you're constantly getting ready and prepare for whatever comes next, so when it's here, it doesn't catch you by surprise. For this you need a clear mind, peace inside your soul and faith.

Imagine if the race dogs would look around and think that the cage is their tomb... and there's no more hope for them... But no, they're ready to run for their lives once the gates are open!

When you're stuck, you should make yourself ready for when the opportunity arrives, to start working twords your dreams and goals. Build your tools, read your books, know people, make your bed and get ready to upgrade yourself! Because you don't know where life will take you in 1, 3, 15 years from now.

Are you ready?
Now wait for it!

luni, iunie 05, 2017

London and days of terror (617)

I don't know about you, but I miss a lot of people and a lot of places from back home. Yes, I miss Romania, but there's not much to do as Landscape Architect because people don't understand the need for consultancy or proper design for the outdoors.
I'm going to stay in England as long as I can, but this terror attacks and Brexit don't make it easy at all...

Just 1h before yesterday's attacks I've crossed London Bridge with my cousin and we were looking for a place to park near Borough Market and walk adound there, but all parking spots were full and rain started so we decided to go home.

I trust in God and I know He's in control and keeps us safe. A lot of people blame God for allowing people to die in violent situations or in hunger, or innocent childrens to die of AIDS or cancer... I don't have yet a proper answer to explain why He allows it, but when I do, I'll share it with you. If you could see the bigger picture, without emotions of feelings involved... Zoom out a bit and you might get your answer.

"Yeah, but it's easy to trust God when you live in a nice house where you have food to eat and you're healthy!" Guys, EACH OF US has periods of time when we'd be better off dead than alive, but God is good enough to keep us alive and strong to see the end of days, when we'll have answers​ for all our questions. As long as you breathe, you can still change your life and know your God.

I can tell that my life wasn't always easy, but He is here for me and helps me see the whole picture, and walks step by step beside me. I'm praying for all of us.

luni, mai 08, 2017

Midlife crisis

When you're a teenager, you imagine life at a level that makes you dream big about making a difference, with personal happiness and noble achievements. You are genuine about your thoughts and you embrace your uniqueness, so you start living according to your hopes and dreams.
Then you get to your late 20 or early 30, you start realising that your dream life is different from your reality.
You look at your high school or university colleagues and see happy families with kids, pets and trips around the world. But you got nothing like that.
You try talking to your friends and they keep bragging about their accomplishments and money. But you got nothing like that.
You feel betrayed and unhappy, so you want to give up. You feel like not having made the most of your future.
Your needs are different.
You want inner peace and a clean conscience, and this can't be bought...

Life is never as expected.
People will always disappointed you and you will always need some time off reality.
The key is to learn living with your mistakes and failures. And you got Heaven's help on that.
You must love and accept yourself as you are so you can be able to help others and love them as the total disasters they are.

Make the most of your life, as it is! You can do this!

miercuri, mai 03, 2017

Another you

We do a lot of stupid stuff because we don't know how to cope with reality. We are crazy enough to think we are entitled to act like headless chickens, as if the world should give us a free pass just because we're in love.

Existence seems cruel when you can't get what you want.
In love we tend to aim too high, promising forever love and endless hugs, but we all end up empty inside and with wet faces.

Being fed up with life is also one of the signs that you don't know what love is. More and more people post their edited love stories on the walls they've built to separate themselves from the peasants, and once the loved one is gone, their cruel existence is trapped between cold and coloured walls.

You're sitting with your eyes open in front of the mirror hoping to catch a glimpse of your dead soul, and looking for another you. Now that your past ended and you've let go of all that was holding you back, you can start behaving like the person you wanted to be and needed when you were younger.

miercuri, aprilie 26, 2017

1 second before

The next station is 'Gloucester Road. Change with the Circle Line.'

Some days are better than others, some people are better than others, not because they're special (all are the same), but because of what they do or what you do with them. Technically,  all your days are the same. They're just days. But you are changing because of what you do, what you think and how you react to someone else's action against you.
For most people being good or bad is a choice. In less than a second, your brain is asking you: 'Should we go ape style or should we keep calm down?' And then you choose according to your preference of the evaluated consequences. Some people don't know how to cope with loses or high intensity emotions. Others do.
What about you?

The girls you chase are mean

Have the courage to tell the one you like about how you feel. Do it in a nice way, calm and balanced. Be kind and don't worry about the reply. What's the worst thing that can happen? Ignorance, but that's bliss because it's better to try and be refused than chicken out. If they reject you based on your height, weight or facial hair... be happy that you will not waste your time with them.

(I hope this story will help you. Somehow)

- Dave, let me buy you a coffee. I need to share this with you.
- What did you do?
- Nothing. It's just a memory from about 10-12 years ago.
- Surprise me!
- So there was this tall blue eye blonde girl that I liked. I've seen her in church and I thought it would be ok if I could talk to her, but she made me be really nervous around her. One day I man up and approach her:
"- Hi. Sorry to bother.
- Hi.
- I know this is church but I wonder if you'd like to go out for a cup of tea sometime next week.
- How dare you?! Can't you see how you look?! And were at church! I'm busy and sorry, I have to go."
As she went, I put a fake smile on my face and I was trying my best to hold the tears from coming. I was ashamed of myself. I wasn't the best looking man but certainly I was not a beast.
Years after, I find her on Facebook and add her as friends. She declines it so I message her: "Maybe you don't remember me, but we used to go to the same church."
- You crazy bastard! Did she reply?
- Yeah she did. She said "Probably. Wait. Are you Ana's brother?
- Yes I am.
- Good. Add me again so we can talk more."
- What is wrong with you?
- Everything. So we start texting, I get to know her a bit more, she's really smart, she likes my stories, laughs at my stupid jokes and one day she agrees to meet and invites me to her place.
- Excuse me?!
- Yup. So I go there, makes a cup of tea, we talk about life and when emotions are high, she hugs me.
- Sorry, what?!
- She hugs me hard and starts crying. We were just laying​ there, on her bed, hugging and crying about memories.
- You're joking!... Did you smoke anything?
- Nothing. Anyways, long story short, soon after I go home, later we start dating, I ask her to marry me two-three weeks later...
- Can you please repeat? I think I'm going deaf.
- Yes, I've asked her to marry me.
- And let me guess, she ran away.
- Indeed...
- I knew you're stupid, and until now I had no idea of how much that means.
- Yeah, probably. So she stopped replying, shuts off and gets back with her ex. They got engaged and last year they've had this amazing wedding.
- Unbelievable!
- Is it?
- It's unbelievable how stupid you are when it comes to women!
- Don't tell me it never happened to you!...
- The closest I've been was when I told a girl that I don't want to fool around and I want us to have a proper relationship. Later she went home and refused to reply to all my future attempts of contacting her.
- It's the same.
- No it's not! I never tried to marry her in  our first month! Anyways... Some other time stupid me fancied a girl that used to date one of my mates, and we met after it ended and she enquired me about my behaviour as a boyfriend, so I started doing a SWOT analysis in a McDonald's while writing her name in sugar.
- Is she hot?
- Yes she is, and classy too. But she loves to be in the center of attention as Prima Donna and all her fans would've been left crying if she started dating again.
- The girls you chase are mean.
- Look who's talking!
- Well, at least I had the guts to tell her how I really feel.
- Don't confuse guts with stupidity!
- Dave, what is wrong with us?
- Nothing mate! When you're desperate and available, girls see it and avoid you by all means.
- I'm not desperate.
- I know you're not, but that's how they see us.
- How we're supposed to communicate? They never start conversations, they just wait for Prince Charming to take them to the castle on an unicorn.
- It's not you.
- The unicorn?
- No. Prince Charming.
- Maybe...
- I'm not gonna blame you for trying, just be more selective. Girls decide who is the lucky winner, so you just have to try until you succeed. Do it with style. Make her want you before asking her out. Dress smart and listen to them. When you talk, it has to be as easy and an natural as with your mother or sister. Be present, enjoy the moment and it's her choice to reply. You can't change people's minds, but you can enjoy life and do good.

sâmbătă, aprilie 22, 2017

Punch hard and steady

-Where are you?
- In a hotel, in Romania. What's going on?
- I'm dying.
- Aren't we all?
- I mean like now.
- What happened?
- She left me! he starts to cry.
- What?!? But you were engaged...
- She packed her bags and left 10 minutes ago. She cheated on me man! Oh.. And now she's moving in with that bastard! 
- Wow!
- For almost 2 months she cheated on me and I didn't even realised it! Man, I don't know what to do anymore! I feel like punching someone... and... uhm... man, I'm dying! I can't take this!
- You've been here before, so try to calm down. You need to control yourself and have a clear mind. Can you go swim?
- I don't know...
- I know it's Easter time and all might be closed, but go to the gym and swim for couple of hours. Then go upstairs and bunch those bags. Let your anger there and hit hard and steady, as if you're fighting for your life.
- I can't...
- Yes you can! You have to!
- She cheated on me...
- And now you have to let go of her and control yourself. You're gonna get over it in no time if you stay focused on your future.
- Easier said than done.
- I know you've got this!
- How do you know?
- Don't ask stupid questions. I have to go now. I'm waited downstairs.
- Ok, go. Everyone is leaving me.
- Man, focus! Don't let your emotions control your actions. Stay strong. I'll text later to check on you. Bye now.

marți, aprilie 11, 2017

Home visit

2nd night home and I can't sleep. Why?
A lot of memories go through my head. They remind me of my beginnings and I can see how far God has taken me and how I became a man. I grew up so much and I say: "Thank you Father for giving me the strength and wisdom to get here. Thank you for my family. Please keep me healthy so I can do more!"

Trust more.
Help more.
Be more!

luni, aprilie 03, 2017


I love being tall and I wish people would stop treating us like we're the smaller sibling of the giraffe.
Everytime I see a tall person (above 6'4") I keep falling in love with myself and this amazing gift from God. As a child I remember praying "Please help me grow up and stand tall like a mountain" and He was kind enough to listen to that innocent prayer.

Being 6'6" (198cm) is hard only when it comes to:
- clothes: only couple of brands have acceptable apparel;
- shoes: only few brands make size 13.5 UK (48);
- ladies: even though I might love a 5'4" she might find it awkward to date a poplar;
- cars: I love Porsche or Mini, but chances of me ever owning one are zero;
- low level ceiling: a real problem;
- regular airplane seats: I hate those bastards!
- bed: anything below king size is a struggle. But I got used to sleeping with my feets out of the bed...

I could moan about a lot more, but I get used to designers not having giraffes in mind when they work on a new product, and I always find a work-around.
Stand tall brothers and sisters!

marți, martie 21, 2017

The Sun, the Planets and The Universe

My dear friend,

If you are a star, then you are the Sun. If you are the Sun, then your kids are the planets revolving around you. If you are the Sun and your kids are the planets, then your lovely wife is the Universe that makes everything happen.

God bless you!

Ganduri din metrou 21317

Sa ajungi la varsta in care sa nu stii ce vrei...

Sa fi incercat toate slujbele disponibile si sa realizezi ca nimic nu iti place, dar ai cateva domenii in care poti excela, desi inima ta nu ar fi acolo.

Sa fi iubit femei din toate colțurile țării si sa fi descoperit ca drama si pasiunea sunt omniprezente, pentru ca ne fac sa ne simțim în viață. Intr-un cuplu, nu sexul este cel mai intim, pentru ca este doar un proces tehnic, ci vulnerabilitatea de a sta dezbrăcat de tine si la îndemână celui care sta inaintea ta, care te poate rani inimaginabil, care te poate pretui ca pe opera de arta sau te poate imbraca in iubirea lui.

Increderea este ca un baraj pe care rabdarea il umple cu dragoste. Barajul fisurat se poate repara, dar e costisitor si necesita multa voință. Daca nu, increderea se distruge complet. De aceea foarte multi se simt secati si goi cand dragostea dispare.

Multi dintre cei care primesc o promovare la locul de munca, se bucura enorm la gandul ca vor reusi sa schimbe lumea, dar cand încep să lucreze și să întâmpine greutatile functiei, se gândesc cu jind la zilele de dinainte și își doresc sa le fie mai usor.

Progresul doare. Cresterea te face sa suferi. Dezvoltarea ne stoarce lacrimile. Motivația e de unica folosință, pentru ca apoi intervine vointa de a continua procesul de dezvoltare.

duminică, martie 19, 2017


In scoala generala, oracolul era foarte popular si ma hotarasem sa imi si eu unul ca sa aflu daca fata de care imi placea, ma simpatizeaza. Imi amintesc cum Aida, o colega, m-am invatat cum ce intrebari trebuie sa pun ca sa primesc raspunsul dorit. Asa ca intr-o zi, mi-am luat inima in dinti si i-am dat Anei oracolul.
In liceu am incercat sa tin un jurnal si imi amintesc ca imi treceam activitatile zilnice intr-o agenda pe care o primisem de la mama.
Anii au trecut si acele cuvinte au ramas pierdute pe niste foi ratacite in debara. Multe dintre aceste amintiri s-au uitat.

Ador primavara. Este anotimpul meu preferat. In facultate am fost invatati sa nu avem lucruri preferate, dar nu ma pot abtine: ADOR PRIMAVARA! O iubesc! As vrea sa fie primavara tot anul.

luni, februarie 27, 2017

cate doua cuvinte

pierdem oameni
pierdem vieti
pierdem amintiri
pierdem nadejde
pierim surzi
ramanem nuzi
visam deloc
credem nimic
ucidem dimineti
crapam nopti
negam viitorul

sâmbătă, februarie 11, 2017

Linistea se cumpara

Amintirile mele din liceu au fost date uitarii. Am vrut sa scap cat mai repede si sa devin adult. Poate si pentru altii, adolescenta este o pierdere de timp. Nu esti nici copil, nici adult. Esti o furtuna, o ciorba de hormoni, sentimente si nestiinta.

Acum, dupa ani, ma uit inapoi si ma mir cum de nimeni in scoala nu ne-a spus ca suntem fiinte modulare, nu lineare. Viata se imparte intre procese si evenimente, iar noi jonglam intre ele, in functie de vremuri si de imprejurari.De exemplu, sa spunem ca toata viata ai fost un pianist de exceptie si in urma unui accident ti-ai pierdut degetele de la maini. Daca ai fi o fiinta liniara, ar insemna ca viata ta s-a sfarsit atunci si acolo pentru ca ai deveni nefolositor si ca nu iti ramane altceva de facut decat sa mori. Nu mai servesti scopului tau si deci, in consecinta, esti inutil. Dar pentru ca esti o fiinta complexa, modulara, te poti adapta si poti deveni poate un profesor de muzica si/sau ciclist de performanta.
In scoala ar mai fi trebuit sa ne invete cum sa ne purtam unii cu altii; sa ne educe in ale iubirii si respectului, sau cum sa trecem peste esecurile si peste greutatile vietii. Nimeni in scoala nu iti spune ca in viata trebuie sa combini utilul cu placutul. Nu imi amintesc sa fi avut cursuri de Brainstorming sau de "Cum sa supravietuiesti cu doar 20 de lei pana la urmatorul salariu". Ca sa fiu cinstit, o buna parte din ce am invatat in scoala mi-a fost folositor, pentru ca mi-a creat o baza, un minim de cunostinte generale. Pentru rezultate mai bune, cred ca ar fi trebuit sa invatam mai concret si personalizat, adaptat puterii fiecaruia de intelegere.

Sunt putini adulti complecsi, oameni buni "la toate". E greu sa gasesti un mix bun. Cei care stiu sa faca bani din munca fizica, nu sunt intotdeauna foarte educati. Cei care si-au dedicat in mare parte timpul pentru studiu si diplome, sunt total neidemanatici in constructii sau in bucatarie. Interesant e cum toate aceste grupuri se desconsidera reciproc: intelectualii pe muncitori si viceversa. Prostia merge pe strada de mana cu Caracterul needucat si striga amandoi catre Neuronul de langa Biblioteca, iar acesta din urma rade de cei doi cand ii vede ca se indreapta cu viteza spre prapastie, in masina lor sport. Solomon ne invata sa fim echilibrati, nici doxa, dar nici prosti; nici pacatosi, dar nici sfinti; nici bogati, dar nici saraci.

Sunt o multe lucruri si persoane pe care, de-a lungul timpului, ajungem sa le uitam. Altele, in mod voit trebuie uitate. Cand faci un bine, cauta sa uiti cat mai repede, ca nu cumva mai apoi sa incepi sa te lauzi. Sterge din mintea ta si bunele si relele. Imprumuta bani doar daca stii ca lipsa lor nu-ti va afecta calitatea vietii. E foarte greu sa ierti o persoana care s-a imprumutat la tine de bani si, te duce cu zaharelul de 2-3 ani ca ti-i va inapoia la urmatorul salariu. Sau pe cineva care pretinde ca e grav bolnava si ca are nevoie de bani pentru operatie si citostatice, cand ea de fapt facea colecta pentru ca nu ii ajungeau banii sa plece in vacanta la ski la Grenoble. Pe astfel de oameni iti vine sa ii calci in picioare pana se fac una cu pamantul. Dar... daca atat te-a costat sa scapi de ei pentru totdeauna din viata ta, bucura-te ca ai avut banii sa iti cumperi linistea viitoare. Tine minte: cand faci un bine, uita-l!

E greu sa gasesti ceva bun in ceva urat. Sa gasesti o binecuvantare intr-un blestem, pare ceva iesit din comun. Cand cineva iti fura un bun pentru care ai muncit din greu, iti vine sa il strangi de gat, sa il tai in bucati mici si sa il imprastii in o mie de zari. Nedreptatea este insensibila si inumana. La fel si razbunarea. Sa ai puterea si taria de caracter sa il ierti pe hot si sa uiti de el... este de nepretuit!

Cand alegi ceva, automat renunti la altceva. Sa ma explic: cand alegi sa fi cu o anumita persoana, in mod deliberat renunti la posibilitatea de a fi cu alta persoana; iar de atunci incolo, in fiecare zi trebuie sa traiesti cu decizia ta. Cand alegi o anumita cariera, renunti in mod automat la optiunea de a face altceva, de a lucra in alt domeniu. Asta pana alegi din nou si tot asa mai departe. Dar sa iti pierzi locul de munca din cauza unui tampit care iti face o reclamatie mincinoasa, este dureros. Pur si simplu te trezesti fara viitor si persepectiva. Poti sa il ierti pe acel om?
Sa lucrezi pentru o perioada joburi sub nivelul tau de pregătire, pentru ca pe domeniul tau nu gasesti, e acceptabil. Faci tot ce tine de tine sa traiesti cu ce ai, in anumiti parametri ce nu tin întotdeauna de tine. Munca grea e prost platita, dar banii pe care ii castigi te ajuta sa traiesti pana trece furtuna.

Banii nu aduc fericirea, dar platesc facturi. Linistea se cumpara, dar nu cu bani, ci cu timpul tau, cu credinta ta, cu familia ta si cu tot ce ai sacrificat tu pentru a o avea.

sâmbătă, februarie 04, 2017

Am inteles ca vrei sa pleci din tara

Stiu ca esti indragostit de Romania, o iubesti ca un adolescent si plangi zi si noapte pentru ca nu iti mai vezi rostul alaturi de ea. Ti-ai imaginat viitorul altfel. Cand erai copil mic si visai sa cresti mare, nu credeai ca vei apuca sa traiesti astfel de timpuri pline de egoism, coruptie si drama. Ce viitor e asta, in care societatea sa iti dea papucii cu prima ocazie? Te gandesti ca e mai bine sa emigrezi intr-o tara in care sa lupti cu folos si care iti ofera prospecte de crestere.

In noaptea de 1 ianuarie 2012 am inceput sa imi fac bagajul si aveam de gand sa plec in Germania. Eram complet dezamagit de Romania, de sistemul social-politic si ma simteam tradat de tara mea. Toate astea s-au sincronizat cu o relatie esuata, asa ma simteam ca o oala sub presiune. Aveam un prieten care dimineata avea sa plece cu masina spre Munchen si a spus ca ma poate tine la el o luna-doua, dar pentru ca nu vorbeam germana, mi-ar fi fost tare greu sa ma descurc mai apoi. M-am rugat toata noapte pentru calauzire si in cele din urma am adormit epuizat. M-am trezit dupa cateva ore, cu o duzina de apeluri pierdute si mesaje de la amicul meu, care ma anunta ca nu m-a mai putut astepta si a trebuit sa plece. Am avut o discutie cu mama si i-am spus intentiile mele si m-a sfatuit sa plec in Anglia, la Mihaela. Sora mea avea la acel moment, un an de cand plecase din Romania. In aprilie mi-am luat bilet spre UK si pe 5 mai am zburat spre Londra.
Asa am ajuns sa plec si eu din tara mea, dupa o lunga perioada de deceptii financiare si profesionale. In mai fac 5 ani. CINCI! Ma simt batran...
2012 a fost un an teribil. Nu am plecat cu contract, nu am venit pentru un job sigur, deci am venit la plesneală. Am riscat. Imi amintesc ca nu aveam drept de munca decat cu Yellow Card si munceam la negru ca zugrav cate 14-16h/zi ca sa imi pot plati facturile si sa traiesc. Dadeam cu trafaletul intr-un hotel de langa Hyde Park si plangeam de ciuda... Dar Dumnezeu mi-a purtat de grija si fiecare an ce a trecut am devenit mai puternic si parca mi-a fost mai usor. Inca nu stiu daca a fost cea mai buna decizie sa plec din tara, dar stiu ca m-a maturizat foarte mult si m-a schimbat.

Probabil ca te gandesti sa pleci din Romania, din tara ta, din casa ta, din familia ta. Cand pleci, nu te mai uiti inapoi. Uiti trecutul si mergi inainte, indiferent ce urmeaza. Poate ai un partener in strainatate sau poate ai un membru al familiei care te poate ajuta sa te adaptezi. Sau poate nu ai pe nimeni. Daca iti imaginezi ca in afara e mai usor, gresesti. Iti trebuie mult curaj, credinta si tupeu. Trebuie sa crezi ca Dumnezeu va fi cu tine, indiferent unde vei pleca si sa crezi in tine si in viitorul tau.
Iti recomand sa te documentezi cu privire la tara in care vrei sa te muti si sa iti cauti o slujba inainte sa iti iei biletul de avion. E bine sa pleci avand un job asigurat, pentru ca vei evita astfel sa pierzi timp cautand de munca, consumandu-ti economiile pe niste treburi pe care le puteai fi putut face inca din tara. Inainte sa pleci, asigura-te ca ai lasat totul in regula si/sau ti-ai inchis toate activitatile care te-ar putea opri din drumul tau, sau care te-ar putea urmari si afecta pe viitor (credite, datorii, facturi neplatite etc).
Daca emigrarea ar fi usoara, toata lumea ar face-o. Sunt foarte multe probleme care trebuie luate in calcul. Trebuie sa fii tare si increzator ca Tata Domnul e cu tine in toate si ca, mai tarziu, cand te vei uita in urma, vei vedea cat ai crescut si vei fi multumitor Cerului ca ai avut o viață frumoasă.
Iti doresc succes in tot ce faci, indiferent ca ramai in Romania sau ca pleci!

miercuri, ianuarie 25, 2017

Phone and Riots

If you ever go to a riot having a mask on your face, I hope you were smart enough to leave your phone at home. Or any other electronics. You are really easy to track. You're welcome :)

duminică, ianuarie 22, 2017

Dereglare mentala

Din nebunie si din teama de viitor spunem ca zilele mai dinainte au fost mai bune si ca prezentul e obositor. Daca astazi, cand te uiti la cine ai fost si la ce ai ajuns, iti vine sa iti plangi zilele, inseamna ca in curand vei ajunge sa iti numeri bolile si pastilele.
Prietene, ori te reinventezi, ori continui cu ce ai sau incepi sa creionezi cai-verzi-pe-pereti, crezand si sperand ca de undeva, cumva, vor aparea 10000000 in contul tau bancar si vei putea sa te pensionezi de tanar, petrecandu-ti restul zilelor plimbandu-te prin lume!
Suntem toti capabili sa visam cu ochii deschisi, dar putini suntem in stare sa ajungem sa murim fericiti.

- Maria, de ceva timp simt ca sunt in moarte cerebrala. Ma simt ca o leguma uitata in frigider. Ma sting incet, dar sigur. Nu-mi arde de nimic altceva decat sa dorm si sa mananc. Mai mult sa dorm, decat sa mananc. Parca as si iesi pe afara, dar nu mai mult de 5 minute pentru ca mi-ar pieri cheful.
- Nu stiu ce sa zic... Stii ca in Anglia starea asta a ta ar fi catalogata ca boala mintala?
- Adica?!
- Depresia este in categoria dereglarilor mentale, pentru ca este o afectiune mentala produsa de o sumedenie de factori.
- Vrei sa spui ca am innebunit, nu?!
- Andrei, nu o lua personal. Nu esti nebun. Nu inca, cel putin. Bine, ai tu momentele tale de nebunie, dar asta e farmecul tau. Tu esti anxios, nefericit, fara speranta, iar din punct de vedere clinic, esti deprimat.
- Da mai, dar asta nu inseamna ca sunt nebun.
- Exact! Nu esti nebun, ci ai doar o tulburare mentala...
- Sa stii ca nu ma ajuti!
- Mai, depresivule, toti trecem prin starea asta cel putin o data in viata, dar nu inseamna ca suntem toti nebuni. Depresia e un proces, nu un eveniment.
- Asa... si?
- Pai ce te-a facut sa ajungi in starea asta?
- Tot. Inclusiv tu acum, ma deprimi si mai tare.
- Lasa povestile! Zi-mi ce ai. Cand ai fost ultima data fericit?
- Zilnic sunt fericit, din diferite motive. Insa starea asta negativa e undeva in plan secund, cred. Am o atitudine cotidiana energetica, insa starea generala e de nefericire, de neimplinire. La munca am intrat pe pile si asta m-a pus intr-o pozitie favorizanta, cat de cat. E incredibil de greu sa lucrezi cu familia! Asteptarile sunt atat de mari si teama de esec parca este dublata de rusinea pe care o ai fata de acea persoana.
- Cumnata-ta parca te-a chemat acolo, nu?
- Da, exact. Si ea de curand e insarcinata, iar asta inseamna ca la un moment dat o sa plece si eu o sa raman acolo ca o prada pentru vulturii aia. E teribil sa lucrezi intr-o cafenea! Vin toti nebunii, zi de zi, cu pretentii de mari domnitori. Chiar daca e Anglia, putini sunt politicosi si au rabdare sa stea la coada. Cum intra in cafea, isi striga comanda si au pretentia sa las alte comenzi si sa ma ocup doar de ei, suficient de repede ca ei sa isi ridice cafeaua imediat ce au platit. Sunt ilegal de prosti oamenii astia! De fapt, nici nu mai sunt oameni. Sunt niste animale enervate ca nu le servesc instant! Bai, deci m-am saturat!
- Imi pare rau...
- Stai sa vezi. Intr-o dimineata, cu vreo 10 minute inainte sa deschidem, bate un tip violent in usa. Deschid sa vad ce vrea si omul intra peste mine inauntru. Nici "pardon", nici "se poate?"... Nimic, nimic, nimic! Se aseaza langa tejghea, imi cere un Latte, ii spun ca deschidem peste 10 minute si ca trebuie sa astepte. Omul isi tipa comanda din nou. Ii zic ca il costa 3,25 un latte mare si el incepe sa urle si sa ma injure ca il jefuiesc. Apoi isi da pantalonii jos, se intoarce cu fundul la mine, isi da palme peste fese si imi spune ca aia e plata mea si sa ii dau cafeaua. Iau o farfurie si amenint ca i-o sparg in cap daca nu iese pana nu chem politia. Nebunul incepe sa rade si tranteste toate scaunele in drum spre iesire.
- Hai las-o!
- Da mai. In alta zi, era aglomerat si intra o femeia la vreo 50-60 de ani, elegant imbracata si cu o palarie mov. Ii vine randul, spune ca vrea un expresso si codul de la baie. Toaleta e in coltul opus al salii, iar femeia pleaca direct spre ea. Trage de usa, dar cineva e inauntru. Bate in usa, dar ocupantul nu iese. Imediat la masa de langa, o familie cu doi copii pe canapea, se bucura de o zi minunata. "Doamna" care astepta, cand a vazut cat are de stat, si-a dat pantalonii jos si a urinat exact in fata usii. 
- Nu creeeed!
- Deci asa ceva nu vezi decat in filme! Toti am inceput sa tipam la ea, dar femeia continua fara nici cea mai mica urma de bun simt. Vine langa casa, isi ia cafeaua si pleaca zambind.
- Ce cretina!
- Exact. Spune-mi te rog, cum sa nu o iei razna?! Cum sa nu te saturi?!
- Asa ceva nu e normal. Cati nebuni sub soare!
- Si cum se face ca toata lumea din cafenea spune ca eu sunt cel mai incet si ca stau degeaba?! Alerg ca robotelul in toate partile. Eu fac curat, eu alimentez aparatele, eu servesc clientii. Eu le fac pe toate si jegosii au tupeul sa spuna ca sunt lenes! M-am lasat de fumat in octombrie, dar asa m-as apuca iar... doar din ambitie, ca sa am si eu acele mici pauze de tigara.
- Nu stiam. Felicitari. Cum ai reusit?
- Pai am zis ca nu vreau sa mai fumez si m-am oprit.
- Ai folosit ceva bomboane sau guma?
- Nimic. Am spus stop si atat. Mi-am tusit plamanii doua saptamani inainte si am hotarat ca nu imi mai trebuie.
- Eh, vezi ca ai vointa?!
- Da mai, stiu. Si mor ca nu lucrez ceva care sa imi puna in valoare capacitatile intelectuale si aptitudinile mele. Am mai si facut doua facultati in tara degeaba. Stiu ca sunt praf la indemanare si ca nu sunt facut pentru munca fizica, dar as fi un excelent sef sau ceva unde sa nu ma frece nimeni la creier. 
- Stiu ca esti deosebit. De asta te-am si pastrat aproape.
- Asta e alta chestie.
- Ce anume?
- In ultima vreme, parca nimeni nu mai vrea sa auda de mine. Am cativa prieteni care ma mai cauta si cam atat...
- Dar eu ce sunt?
- Tu esti dintre acei cativa prieteni.
- Sunt cea mai prietena.
- Exact.
- De ce crezi ca te evita lumea?
- Pentru ca nu mai sunt in proximitatea lor. De cand am venit in Anglia, de doi ani, am tot pierdut oameni. Nici nu mai stiu cum arata o relatie sanatoasa...
- Serios?! Vorbesti de parca ti-ar trebui curs-intensiv de amor. Esti Andrei Stefanescu! Altii au nevoie sa vina la tine cu carnetelul sa ia notite, nu tu de la ei.
- Lasa periuta, ca e suprafata mare. Se pare ca in ziua de azi nimeni nu mai are rabdare. Si mor cand ma intreaba cineva cand ma insor! Pe cine vreau, nu ma vrea si pe cine ma vrea, nu vreau eu. Iar aici am optiunile foarte limitate. Calitatea posibilelor mele viitoare-foste este indoielnica.
- Nu sunt peste 10 milioane de oameni in Londra?
- Or fi, dar nu mai vreau relatii nefolositoare.
- Si nu crezi ca gresesti cand respingi pe acele fete care te vor?
- Maria... e complicat. Unele nu sunt suficient de frumoase, altele sunt nebune de legat, altele au pretentii nejustificate si sunt...
- Pai si tu esti gras. Nu e la fel?
- Cum sa fie la fel?!
- Daca vorbim despre trasaturi fizice, atunci grasimea ta si uratenia lor se anuleaza. Ramane acum de vazut cat de bine va intelegeti.
- Pai asta tine de cunoastere si ca sa apuci sa te cunosti cu un om, trebuie sa vrei sa iei o hotarare: aceea de a acorda timpul si atentia ta pentru a afla cat mai multe despre celalalt. Trebuie sa te dedici din prima zi, prima ora si primul minut acelei posibile viitoare relatii. Inseamna sa nu umbli cu fofarlica, inseamna sa fii cinstit si sa faci tot ce tine de tine ca persoana respectiva sa fie fericita, iar tu sa te simti implinit alaturi de ea. Tu esti totul pentru ea si ea este totul pentru tine. Si tine minte, tot ce spui si faci, poate fi folosit mai tarziu in defavoarea ta.
- Am senzatia ca o sa devii un batran ursuz si nefericit, daca mai continui asa.
- Asa cum?
- Asa pretentios.
- Dar nu sunt pretentios deloc. Aproape deloc... Dar e normal sa fiu pretentios, pentru ca pe masura ce inaintez in varsta, ajung sa ma cunosc din ce in ce mai bine si stiu ce merge si ce nu merge, stiu ce imi trebuie si ce nu.
- Tu cand cunosti o fata, ii spui exact, foarte clar ce ai vrea sa faca pentru tine ca sa nu mai fi dezamagit? Poate chiar sa o intrebi cum e pentru ea sa faca acel ceva pe care tu ti-l doresti?
- In ultimii ani am observat ca trebuie sa nu mai spun tot ceea ce gandesc, pentru ca inlatur persoana de langa mine. Stiu, suna ca o prostie, dar am adunat o gramada de experiente si de refuzuri doar pentru ca am spus ce gandesc si care consider ca este normalul intr-o relatie. "Pretentiile" mele tin de comunicare si de incredere, de un tandem, de un joc in echipa ce are ca scop dezvoltarea individuala si comuna. Daca eu vin cu idei, ea ma ajuta sa le pun in practica si ma sustine. Daca isi doreste sa mergem de 5 ori pe saptamana la gym pentru ca suntem prea grasi, atunci mergem impreuna si transpiram impreuna tragand de fiare.
- Un cuplu care creste impreuna, ramane impreuna.
- Exact. Iar acest "impreuna" tine de vointa, dar si de vremuri si imprejurari.
- Iar o dai in filosofii...
- Da mai, dar as vrea sa ma considere lumea de neinlocuit.
- Ce iti pasa tie ce crede lumea?!
- Pai imi pasa, ca nu locuiesc intre copaci.
- Te rog, nu jigni copacii. Tu esti o piesa de arta intr-o groapa de gunoi.
- Vai, ce dragut! Mai ai complimente? Pastreaza-le. Si stai, ca nu ti-am mai spus si despre stresul zilei de maine, cu nesiguranta locurilor de munca si o eventuala imposibilitate de plata a cheltuielilor lunare.
- Nu e de mirare ca ai ajuns la depresie, cu o asemenea gandire si o asemenea viata.
- Am senzatia ca fiecare cuvant pe care il scot pe gura este o plangere. Daca s-ar adauga la Olimpiada probe de vaitat, de comentat si de exprimat nemultumiri, cred ca as fi campion olimpic, cu recorduri personale, nationale si olimpice.
- Hai mai, ca nu e chiar asa! E si de inteles, avand in vedere ca ai neimpliniri profesionale si personale.
- Oh, Doamne, ia-ma cat sunt inca tanar!
- Zi-mi, ce pot face pentru tine ca sa te ajut sa scapi de starea asta depresiva?
- Buna intrebare... Cred ca e mai mult decat suficient sa ma asculti fara sa ma judeci si sa ma sustii in incercarile mele de a avea o viata mai buna.
- Andrei, tu trebuie sa intelegi ca esti suficient asa cum esti. Creier ai, frumos esti, vointa ai, insa nu in lucrurile potrivite.
- Fac si eu ce pot. Ma folosesc de ce primesc ca sa imi ating obiectivele.
- Esti un om frumos care are multe de oferit. Si la cum te stiu, tu oferi fara masura. Sper sa vina ziua sa primesti inapoi cel putin jumatate din cat ai dat.
- Hai taci, ca ma faci sa plang.


joi, ianuarie 12, 2017


Cine spune ca nu respinge un om doar pentru ca e gras, minte. A fi gras face ca nivelul de acceptare sociala sa fie scazut. Kilogramele in plus sunt o povara mai usoara decat dispretul sau refuzul primit din partea celor din jur.
Sa fi gras nu tine intotdeauna de alegerea ta, pentru ca organismul tau poate sa reactioneze in defensiva in momentul in care te astepti cel mai puțin. Metabolismul functioneaza diferit atunci cand esti stresat, nedormit sau ingrijorat. De asemenea, alte persoane te pot insela prin calitate mancarii pe care ti-o servesc sau ti-o vand. Niciodata nu poti fi sigur ca mananci doar ce e bun, desi ai cheltuit o gramada de bani pe mancarea respectivă. Sa fi gras, dar nu din alegerea ta, ci dintr-o suma de evenimente, e foarte neplacut. Mai ales cand lumea incepe sa se uite ciudat la tine...  De obicei, gras fiind, ai mai mari sanse sa fi refuzat de catre un posibil viitor partener, decat daca nu ai fi avut acele kilograme in plus. Cam aceeasi poveste se repeta si cand ai pilozitatea excesiva, un mirosul corporal neplacut sau trasaturi mai putin fine. Ne plac oamenii frumosi, dar caracterul nostru este urat si negru. Toti ne uitam la forma si continut. Toti.

Cand esti gras pentru ca te-ai indopat ca nesatulul, e clar vina ta. Dar cand iti dai seama de greseala, poti sa te lasi de rau si sa incepi sa faci ce e bine pentru sufletul si trupul tau.

Sunt o "lucrare in lucru" si viata mea e o capodopera in devenire.
Sa ne dea Dumnezeu sanatate la minte sa ne acceptam si, la trup, ca sa putem lucra cu toata puterea noastra!

Heir 15

- mai mananci ceva in seara asta?
- nu, nu.
- ah! compot de piersici vrei?
- nu, nu.
- dar tu ce vrei ?!
- nimic mami, stai linistita. imi e de ajuns ca stau aici langa tine.

sâmbătă, ianuarie 07, 2017

prieten potrivit

un zambet, o imbratisare, un sarut pe obraz si un soptit in ureche: "imi era dor de tine, dovleac turtit la Ecuator si bombat la poli!"
imi era dor de acesti oameni simpli si nebuni, peste care timpul nu trece. o intamplare cretina a facut sa ne intalnim si sa ramanem prieteni. si acum radem de trecut si privim curajos in viitor.

o spun si o voi mai spune: e mare har si binecuvantare de la Dumnezeu sa ai oamenii potriviti alaturi de tine!

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