sâmbătă, august 19, 2017

Another WHY? 19.8.17

Why do we get married if deep inside us we know our choice was wrong? Most couples that I know have at least one cheating partner or if-given-the-chance-will-cheat-and-then-return-fresh-to-partner one.

Why do we have babies? Apart from the continuity of the species, why do we bother to give birth? Some are doing it to get money benefits from the government (like my neighbours), others are doing it because they can't be bothered to plan ahead or think that a baby might save their marriage.

Why work something that doesn't give you happiness? I'm tired of working in places where bosses that don't understand the trade are putting too much pressure on their employees and by doing so, obviously they're the ones that are keeping the recruitment companies alive.

duminică, august 06, 2017

Bed time thoughts 6817

Dear Diary,

Tomorrow is Monday and I would like to have a better excuse for going to bed early, than not wanting to feel like a tomato left in the Sun when I wake up.
All day I was busy thinking about the past and planning the future, and it feels like the present is doesn't exist anymore. Is it because I'm growing old or because the time just has no more patience with us?

Sometimes what kills us is not the present, but the image in our heads of what could've been if... Is hard and takes self discipline to go over your crazy thoughts, but you can manage it in baby steps, one by one. Most of us don't even know what we are doing, but we try to give our best to enjoy life and have as many wonderful days as we can!

miercuri, august 02, 2017

Coffee with God

I want to go out for a coffee with God.
I want to sit and listen to His side of the story, as everyone here accuses Him of being absent or they deny His existence.
I want to thank Him for all He's done and will do for me and loved ones.
I want to chat with Him about all known issues and how to prevent the unknown ones.
I want a hug from Him and advices for a better life.
I want to continue meeting with Him in person from time to time.
It would be great!

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