marți, iulie 24, 2018

Mind your inbox

Your minds is very similar to your email inbox, where you get all sort of promitions, news, promises, spam, and so on.

You need filters to help with getting only interesting topics and keeping the rubbish away. From time to time, a spam will announce its 'glorious' arrival by promising an enlargement, of either money, career or sexual happiness.

Sometimes you get bad news and the best thing you can do is to delay reply, until you have a solution and strategy to solve the issue.

If you delete your filters, then you're exposed to threats and unsolicited emails. Please pay attention to which newsletter you subscribe, as it might look appealing but might share your personal details to unknown third parties. Assess, evaluate and take action.

My colleague showed me that she has 95741 unread emails. Is your mind the same?

(London, tube, 24718)

marți, mai 29, 2018

Homesick 29518

May 29, 2018. Today my niece is turning 2.
Oh dear, and today I'm homesick.

I'm remembering all the good things, food and places that are in my home country and all the history that I share with different people.

Evolution is hard, because it takes you out of your comfort zone, out of your boundaries and puts you in unknown situations, uncharted territory. But it's beautiful!

I said it many times: when you're choosing something, you're loosing something else. You let go to different possibilities, and you might never know their outcome.

Choose wisely and have faith that God is with you in everything you do.

vineri, aprilie 13, 2018

About failure and success

I'm in the tube, London's underground and I'm listening to 'All Power - Nashville Life Music.' For the last few weeks I've been thinking about a subject that bugs me: the power of failure.

I've always been obsessed by the concept of 'constructive complaint' which is when you have an argument with someone, and your facted logic helps the subject realise his faults, and he gets motivated to change his behaviour and has enough 'self-fuel' to deliver positive response over a long period of time.

When you've failed in all, you've seen them all. Nothing is a mistery to you. Success is very clear in your mind and you know what you're looking for. But having enough mental or physical power to wait for the good part can be challenging, as it's hard to keep a positive attitude to failure.

I'm curious what was the internal dialogue in Edison's mind when he failed over and over again, 1000 times. What was he telling himself to keep himself going? After failing so many times, he probably started considering himself a failure, but he didn't give up.

Mount Everest is covered in corpses that once were highly motivated people. What is the turning point in someone's mind that allows them to carry on and believe that nothing can stand against their success?
What can compare to achieving your dreams?
But what happens after you become 'perfect'? One could swim in arrogance and look down on those around him. On yesterday's  Metro newspaper there was an article about a laywer that spent almost £3mil for his birthday party...  Almost £3000000! On the same page, just under this one, it was an article about couple that every Sunday prepare 300 meals for the homeless. They started with their own money, couple of years ago, and now people are helping them with donations. Which one you think is happiest and sleeps better at night?

We fail to see the big picture because we're focused on ourselves.
We fail in choosing the right one to follow and we rebel 'the system', searching for an utopic independence.
We fail to understand that pain strenghtens, it makes everything be real and we believe that the Universe has forsaken us everytime we have it rought.
We fail to understand what others are going through.
We fail in beong role models to our future generations. They won't be able to look up to us.

marți, martie 20, 2018

Winter - Spring 2018

It's mid March, but this is what mid December should look like: snowy and windy. This winter-spring has been one of the most challenging times of my life, not because it was hard or anything bad,  but because it was quiet, really quiet.

My stressful job with my previous employer left me questioning myself and I felt like I was loosing grip of my life and self.

It's a challenge to keep calm and be positive when you're depressed and unhappy with your life. Most effective treatment is to evaluate yourself, bin your worries and negative thoughts, and with baby steps, continue your journey while doing"you", make whatever makes you happy and helping others achieve their dreams.

We're all dust in the wind...


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