joi, iulie 06, 2017

About weddings

Getting through the week is sometimes challenging. My Spanish teacher used to say that if Monday is gone, the whole week is gone.
I love Mondays and Friday evening feels like a mini-holiday.

There are few more weeks until my sister is getting married in Church and I can't wait for that day to finish with smiles and blessings from Above.

Not long ago I didn't believe in the institution of marriage, but once I read the laws and what God gives to and expects from the couple, I realized that is a celebration and official statement of what should already be there: love.
I'm not keen of big weddings, that are very expensive, because I seen no point in waisting £50-150k for just one day, when you could use that money to buy a mortgage.

My kind of wedding is on a Friday afternoon, just few hours before the sunset, in the mountains next to a lake, where the couple shares stories about their love and plans of the future, what they're hopeing to achieve together and how everyone present will have the responsibility to help them achieve their goals.

Wedding shouldn't be a statement of wealth, but more of an expression of love and identity of the couple. If your wedding is kitsch, is because you are so.

There is no point in having 300 guests that you don't know, but 20 that mean the world to you.

Couples should always seek to have both religious and legal communion.

miercuri, iulie 05, 2017

Tube Thoughts 5 717 am

When you're a child, is hard to imagine that your parents had their separate ways before you were born. The world started when you took your first breath of air, and angels commissioned by your parents, gathered to welcome you singing their songs of praise and happiness. Soon the magic started to fade, as you gained knowledge and you became the person you are today.

Even though knowledge is not something that you can grasp, is far more valuable than money. Your looks will fade and your body will fail, but knowledge remains and can be gained and shared infinitely.

What would you choose between 50 million Euros or all available knowledge?

vineri, iunie 30, 2017

Tube Thoughts 30 617 am

If someone was to kick you in the face, how would you react? What if they hit one of your loved ones?

Why we give so much credit to violence? The will and need to upgrade oneself is not part of the ego that wants to own the whole world as playground.

I believe that the biggest salesperson is Satan, because his temptations create a need and he's offering the supply.

I believe that love is an act of will, a process that has daily updates and is based on your experience, patience and need to be involved. If partners don't respect and support eachother there is no reason for them to continue.

joi, iunie 29, 2017

Tube Thoughts 28-29 617

TheEverday is an opportunity to do more and as long as you're breathing, you still have a chance to change your life for the better.

Some people say this blog depresses them, others love it and quite a few find it interesting. Spend some time here and decide for yourself.

I started writing in English because of my international friends, whom I love and respect very much. Wish I could have a cup of coffee with you all today!

I believe in science and God, because one explains what the other can't do it in words. They complete each other.

I've said it and I'll say it again: having the right kind of people next to you is a blessing.

Admitting your faults can sometimes work against you, but it takes courage to do so. One of my weaknesses is getting up early in the morning. I'm not a morning person, so I need 3 alarms to wake up.

There was a time in my life when I used to be late to every appointment or date that I've had, but being annoyed by the other people being late. Now I've changed and I like to be on time and I really appreciate when I don't have to chase the other person 50 times by text/call to confirm a date/appointment.

I have people that I look up to. I have people that I admire. I have people that I don't like, but I don't hate them. I don't have idols and I'm not into sports, music or grouping. I don't have preferred things or colours that I can't live without; I just like stuff that is good, well made, great priced and makes me feel better.

I believe that a great partner completes  you and doesn't want to change you because feels that you're enough. A good partner will want to build a strong team of two so you can rule the world together. Of course looks are important! Of course money are important, but not in the way people think that money bring you the happiness and way of life that will compensate for feeling unwanted or unloved.

miercuri, iunie 07, 2017

Know your God

Most people who dream about Heaven and a New Earth have no ideea what it mean. They want to escape this grey world to a heaven where gold is everywhere and life is peaceful and bliss. Most of their reasons are selfish, and they think that one can get there by doing good deeds, or by not eating meat or by going to bed at 9 pm or by bombing 50 infidels.

What if you get there, but God is missing?
What if you don't even care who's there, as long as you're there and you have no more wars, hunger or pain?
A heaven without God doesn't sound like heaven at all. More like Bali, Swisserland or any other perfect place where money bring you everything you could possibly want. Heaven is where God is. It can be anywhere, as long as He's there with you.

You have to be responsible and disciplined with yourself in order to be able to help others, and since this an ongoing process, it's always the right time to be kind and care for those around you.
Start with what you have and you can build on it. Do everything you can now, and as long as you're breathing you have a chance of knowing more and more about God.

The only way to go to heaven is by having a person connection with Him. And that is grace. Prayer is a talk, a chat between you and your heavenly father. You don't need to spend hundreds of hours on your knees, because He is everywhere and loads of conversations can happen between you two throughout the day. Even now.
Let's pray!

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