luni, mai 08, 2017

Midlife crisis

When you're a teenager, you imagine life at a level that makes you dream big about making a difference, with personal happiness and noble achievements. You are genuine about your thoughts and you embrace your uniqueness, so you start living according to your hopes and dreams.
Then you get to your late 20 or early 30, you start realising that your dream life is different from your reality.
You look at your high school or university colleagues and see happy families with kids, pets and trips around the world. But you got nothing like that.
You try talking to your friends and they keep bragging about their accomplishments and money. But you got nothing like that.
You feel betrayed and unhappy, so you want to give up. You feel like not having made the most of your future.
Your needs are different.
You want inner peace and a clean conscience, and this can't be bought...

Life is never as expected.
People will always disappointed you and you will always need some time off reality.
The key is to learn living with your mistakes and failures. And you got Heaven's help on that.
You must love and accept yourself as you are so you can be able to help others and love them as the total disasters they are.

Make the most of your life, as it is! You can do this!

miercuri, mai 03, 2017

Another you

We do a lot of stupid stuff because we don't know how to cope with reality. We are crazy enough to think we are entitled to act like headless chickens, as if the world should give us a free pass just because we're in love.

Existence seems cruel when you can't get what you want.
In love we tend to aim too high, promising forever love and endless hugs, but we all end up empty inside and with wet faces.

Being fed up with life is also one of the signs that you don't know what love is. More and more people post their edited love stories on the walls they've built to separate themselves from the peasants, and once the loved one is gone, their cruel existence is trapped between cold and coloured walls.

You're sitting with your eyes open in front of the mirror hoping to catch a glimpse of your dead soul, and looking for another you. Now that your past ended and you've let go of all that was holding you back, you can start behaving like the person you wanted to be and needed when you were younger.

miercuri, aprilie 26, 2017

1 second before

The next station is 'Gloucester Road. Change with the Circle Line.'

Some days are better than others, some people are better than others, not because they're special (all are the same), but because of what they do or what you do with them. Technically,  all your days are the same. They're just days. But you are changing because of what you do, what you think and how you react to someone else's action against you.
For most people being good or bad is a choice. In less than a second, your brain is asking you: 'Should we go ape style or should we keep calm down?' And then you choose according to your preference of the evaluated consequences. Some people don't know how to cope with loses or high intensity emotions. Others do.
What about you?

The girls you chase are mean

Have the courage to tell the one you like about how you feel. Do it in a nice way, calm and balanced. Be kind and don't worry about the reply. What's the worst thing that can happen? Ignorance, but that's bliss because it's better to try and be refused than chicken out. If they reject you based on your height, weight or facial hair... be happy that you will not waste your time with them.

(I hope this story will help you. Somehow)

- Dave, let me buy you a coffee. I need to share this with you.
- What did you do?
- Nothing. It's just a memory from about 10-12 years ago.
- Surprise me!
- So there was this tall blue eye blonde girl that I liked. I've seen her in church and I thought it would be ok if I could talk to her, but she made me be really nervous around her. One day I man up and approach her:
"- Hi. Sorry to bother.
- Hi.
- I know this is church but I wonder if you'd like to go out for a cup of tea sometime next week.
- How dare you?! Can't you see how you look?! And were at church! I'm busy and sorry, I have to go."
As she went, I put a fake smile on my face and I was trying my best to hold the tears from coming. I was ashamed of myself. I wasn't the best looking man but certainly I was not a beast.
Years after, I find her on Facebook and add her as friends. She declines it so I message her: "Maybe you don't remember me, but we used to go to the same church."
- You crazy bastard! Did she reply?
- Yeah she did. She said "Probably. Wait. Are you Ana's brother?
- Yes I am.
- Good. Add me again so we can talk more."
- What is wrong with you?
- Everything. So we start texting, I get to know her a bit more, she's really smart, she likes my stories, laughs at my stupid jokes and one day she agrees to meet and invites me to her place.
- Excuse me?!
- Yup. So I go there, makes a cup of tea, we talk about life and when emotions are high, she hugs me.
- Sorry, what?!
- She hugs me hard and starts crying. We were just laying​ there, on her bed, hugging and crying about memories.
- You're joking!... Did you smoke anything?
- Nothing. Anyways, long story short, soon after I go home, later we start dating, I ask her to marry me two-three weeks later...
- Can you please repeat? I think I'm going deaf.
- Yes, I've asked her to marry me.
- And let me guess, she ran away.
- Indeed...
- I knew you're stupid, and until now I had no idea of how much that means.
- Yeah, probably. So she stopped replying, shuts off and gets back with her ex. They got engaged and last year they've had this amazing wedding.
- Unbelievable!
- Is it?
- It's unbelievable how stupid you are when it comes to women!
- Don't tell me it never happened to you!...
- The closest I've been was when I told a girl that I don't want to fool around and I want us to have a proper relationship. Later she went home and refused to reply to all my future attempts of contacting her.
- It's the same.
- No it's not! I never tried to marry her in  our first month! Anyways... Some other time stupid me fancied a girl that used to date one of my mates, and we met after it ended and she enquired me about my behaviour as a boyfriend, so I started doing a SWOT analysis in a McDonald's while writing her name in sugar.
- Is she hot?
- Yes she is, and classy too. But she loves to be in the center of attention as Prima Donna and all her fans would've been left crying if she started dating again.
- The girls you chase are mean.
- Look who's talking!
- Well, at least I had the guts to tell her how I really feel.
- Don't confuse guts with stupidity!
- Dave, what is wrong with us?
- Nothing mate! When you're desperate and available, girls see it and avoid you by all means.
- I'm not desperate.
- I know you're not, but that's how they see us.
- How we're supposed to communicate? They never start conversations, they just wait for Prince Charming to take them to the castle on an unicorn.
- It's not you.
- The unicorn?
- No. Prince Charming.
- Maybe...
- I'm not gonna blame you for trying, just be more selective. Girls decide who is the lucky winner, so you just have to try until you succeed. Do it with style. Make her want you before asking her out. Dress smart and listen to them. When you talk, it has to be as easy and an natural as with your mother or sister. Be present, enjoy the moment and it's her choice to reply. You can't change people's minds, but you can enjoy life and do good.

sâmbătă, aprilie 22, 2017

Punch hard and steady

-Where are you?
- In a hotel, in Romania. What's going on?
- I'm dying.
- Aren't we all?
- I mean like now.
- What happened?
- She left me! he starts to cry.
- What?!? But you were engaged...
- She packed her bags and left 10 minutes ago. She cheated on me man! Oh.. And now she's moving in with that bastard! 
- Wow!
- For almost 2 months she cheated on me and I didn't even realised it! Man, I don't know what to do anymore! I feel like punching someone... and... uhm... man, I'm dying! I can't take this!
- You've been here before, so try to calm down. You need to control yourself and have a clear mind. Can you go swim?
- I don't know...
- I know it's Easter time and all might be closed, but go to the gym and swim for couple of hours. Then go upstairs and bunch those bags. Let your anger there and hit hard and steady, as if you're fighting for your life.
- I can't...
- Yes you can! You have to!
- She cheated on me...
- And now you have to let go of her and control yourself. You're gonna get over it in no time if you stay focused on your future.
- Easier said than done.
- I know you've got this!
- How do you know?
- Don't ask stupid questions. I have to go now. I'm waited downstairs.
- Ok, go. Everyone is leaving me.
- Man, focus! Don't let your emotions control your actions. Stay strong. I'll text later to check on you. Bye now.

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