sâmbătă, octombrie 29, 2016

Morning thoughts - Sabbath day 291016

Feelings and emotions make people die young, as if there is no tomorrow and "it has to be done today."

It's a blessing to have the right kind of people in your life. Most times we end up hurting and loosing those that are the most important to us. I've lost so many good ones because I didn't knew how to value them...

A good book makes you lose yourself in its story for hours and question your reality. What you're seeing and feeling is nothing but a version of the world.

Ignorance hurts because of your expectations. Walk away and don't come back. What costs you "soul", it's not for you to have.

Stay where you feel comfortable, but go tripping and explore places that give you thrills. You will come back stronger and better.

More and more people nowadays hate God and don't believe in the almighty person. They think it's stupid to question life. This scenario of "majority thinks that minority is wrong" has been with us since the beginning of time. Sometimes it's true, sometimes it's not. Remember that only few decades ago, believers thought nonbelievers to be wrong and foolish. Now is viceversa. "God" became fiction.

Some say that it's ok to talk to God, but if God talks to you, then you're crazy. My dear, they're stupid and you don't need stupid people in your life.

Don't try to be friends with someone who looks down on you. The life is hard enough already.

Don't make decisions without praying. You will receive guidance from God and He will show you what to do or say. Sometimes He's quiet because He wants to see if you can walk strong in faith. So choose what's best for you and God will be with you all the way!

joi, octombrie 20, 2016

We are all the same

We are all the same: we are born and we die. Everything in between is just made of knowledge, emotions and deeds/acts.

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