miercuri, mai 03, 2017

Another you

We do a lot of stupid stuff because we don't know how to cope with reality. We are crazy enough to think we are entitled to act like headless chickens, as if the world should give us a free pass just because we're in love.

Existence seems cruel when you can't get what you want.
In love we tend to aim too high, promising forever love and endless hugs, but we all end up empty inside and with wet faces.

Being fed up with life is also one of the signs that you don't know what love is. More and more people post their edited love stories on the walls they've built to separate themselves from the peasants, and once the loved one is gone, their cruel existence is trapped between cold and coloured walls.

You're sitting with your eyes open in front of the mirror hoping to catch a glimpse of your dead soul, and looking for another you. Now that your past ended and you've let go of all that was holding you back, you can start behaving like the person you wanted to be and needed when you were younger.

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