sâmbătă, august 19, 2017

Another WHY? 19.8.17

Why do we get married if deep inside us we know our choice was wrong? Most couples that I know have at least one cheating partner or if-given-the-chance-will-cheat-and-then-return-fresh-to-partner one.

Why do we have babies? Apart from the continuity of the species, why do we bother to give birth? Some are doing it to get money benefits from the government (like my neighbours), others are doing it because they can't be bothered to plan ahead or think that a baby might save their marriage.

Why work something that doesn't give you happiness? I'm tired of working in places where bosses that don't understand the trade are putting too much pressure on their employees and by doing so, obviously they're the ones that are keeping the recruitment companies alive.

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