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Wait for it (617LDN)

"The Wait" is strongly conected with the will and obedience. Is your choice to wait when someone tells you to do so, and your mind in less than a second evaluates if you should listen or follow your own will, because when you're waiting you're following someone else's will and schedule.

As a teenager I wanted to believe the girl telling me that we need to wait for the right time to be together, but I always knew that it was only a polite "NO".
When I grew up a bit, I discovered that recruitment agencies and companies use the same tactics​ when they don't​ want you to work there.

There are cases when waiting doesn't necessarily mean a NO. For example, your driving license: it's not instant, you have to learn and work hard to get it. When you're a kid and want to grow up, it doesn't happen over night. Oh! and what a tragedy it is when you grow up to quick!

Sometimes things happen even though​  you didn't wait for them, like getting old or your exams... or the seasons... or just the sunset.

I believe in constant-proactive-wait, where you're constantly getting ready and prepare for whatever comes next, so when it's here, it doesn't catch you by surprise. For this you need a clear mind, peace inside your soul and faith.

Imagine if the race dogs would look around and think that the cage is their tomb... and there's no more hope for them... But no, they're ready to run for their lives once the gates are open!

When you're stuck, you should make yourself ready for when the opportunity arrives, to start working twords your dreams and goals. Build your tools, read your books, know people, make your bed and get ready to upgrade yourself! Because you don't know where life will take you in 1, 3, 15 years from now.

Are you ready?
Now wait for it!

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