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Let it flow / Coco's story

Some time ago, couple of hundred of years before the golden era, in a tiny village next to the highest waterfall, lived a group of water plants. Their home was quiet and peaceful, with all their hearts could ever desire. For entire generations, the top of the cliff was been a heaven for this beautiful plants. Among them, Coco, a 2 springs old that had 79 brothers. Being the youngest and the shortest, it was hard for him/her to fight with his brothers for the love of their parents. He felt alone and forgotten, as his parents we're getting ready to give birth to another 17 baby plants.
Couple of days before the longest day of the year, Coco heard two ants talking about a sacred legend whicy said that anyone could become one with the water and wind if during the shortest night of the year, they would allow the waterfall to take them to the other side.
Coco's mind couldn't let go of this legend and went to ask his father what it means, but he could not provide a proper answer to the young plant. He said is dangerous and no one has ever returned, but Coco didn't mind returning to his "unloving family."
During the shortest night of the year, he packed his bags and started going towards the waterfall. A while after, he heard voices calling for his name, but he didn't care, and started going even faster. When he was close to the waterfall, the calm waters changed to agitated and he panicked. As the water speed was increasing, he let go of his backpack and swimmed harder trying to reach the shore. He started screaming and crying, and he wanted to undo this night.
He realised it was too late when he started feeling weightless and wind and water were one with him, just as the ants said. And noise started fadeing... and time was infinite.
But wind was stronger than his will, and he landed on the back of an eagle, which was flying up and kind enough to drop him by his house.
When Coco got home, everybody gathered to hear his story and he promised to be more careful and to think before trusting others.

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